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Finally, some movement

It is now five months prior to our planned reunion. Although the rescheduled date has been published on Facebook, classmates (I know, it’s now Memory Lane), and at least one of the two bulletin boards my class has, everyone does not been informed. I’ve emailed or called a few friends but didn’t want to tackle this before I had more clear details. Between all sources, I’d say about half our class has been given the information, but we have classmates who aren’t on FB, don’t have email, and a few who never go online. And as far as I can tell, about three people have actually looked at their classmates email, making that an almost worthless means of communication.

For the Original Reunion I  sent out  a “Save the Date” postcard, an official invitation, and a final reminder, using my own money for postage and printing. I addressed everything myself; I’m not wild about starting this process all over. (Yes, yes, if I were a bit more technically savvy or had the time and patience to figure it out, I might have been able to print all the addresses from Excel, but I switched to a Mac a few years ago, and I’ve never really learned Excel or how to merge and I didn’t want to mess with it.)reunionpostcard3

I hadn’t been working for the last few years, and when one of my past co-workers asked if I’d like to fill in for someone on sick leave, I jumped at the chance. I wanted extra money so I wouldn’t feel guilty spending for the reunion. Fortunately, or unfortunately, more than a year later I’m still at the job, now as a permanent part time person instead of someone who can come and go as she pleases. Part time work allows me less time to spend on the details of the reunion and cuts into the time I have to do other things, like work on my novel.

But finally the head of the Class of 71 planning committee has started organizing and tonight I’m to contact and discuss registration with the volunteer from that class. So I will have no excuses not to start designing an announcement to send out.

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